Our On-Site Mentors and Lead Facilitators!


Rina Patel / Coordinating Facilitator

Rina G. Patel is a writer, speaker, social entrepreneur, and the Founder and CEO of The Thinkers Global. After starting a non-profit organization, Aahana, for disabled children and young women from villages around Gujarat, India, Rina left the world of economic development and tech to travel around the world, work in slums, and consult for social enterprises. Her work led her to understanding the importance of changing our education system so it provides the social and emotional tools our next generation needs to develop the resilience and mental strength to survive in a rapidly changing world. She founded The Thinkers in hopes of designing experiences that allow our next generation of leaders to thrive, live a meaningful life and radically transform our world’s economic, political, and social systems. She now runs The Thinkers Global and is a graduate candidate at New York University. She also holds a BA in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Legal Studies with minors in Public Health and International Relations from Drexel University.


Elissa Mendez-Renk / Memory Keeper

With a background in music, Elissa has channeled her musical creativity into her professional career as an expert in consumer behavior, marketing, and media. She sees the artistic possibilities of business challenges, and communicates the business potential of creative ideas. Elissa holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Music from Barnard College and has also attended the Manhattan School of Music for Classical Piano as well as Syracuse University for their Musical Performance Program in Strasbourg, France.

Elissa will be joining us this year to document our experiences as the memory keeper (photographer). She will also be leveraging her strengths in music to open up the imaginative and creative potential of our campers.


Kiki Roshe / The Thinkers Wellness Guru

A mechanical engineer by degree - yoga teacher by choice. Kiki is a multifaceted young woman with a passion and pull towards serving others in ways that can benefit mental and physical health. Incorporating mindful practices into everyone’s daily existence is a goal of my time here. We are all practicing each day and we get to choose what gets priority in our practices. I am a strong believer that healthy thoughts and strong bodies lead to confident and optimally operating communities through each contributing person. Everyone matters, we are all connected. 200 hour RYT yoga alliance, 60 hour continuing Ed. Yoga Nidra, B.S. Mechanical Engineering Northeastern University. 

Kiki will be joining The Thinkers this year as our Wellness Guru and lead yoga/movement/meditation instructor. She will lead our daily wellness activities and will bring her positive and energetic personality to the camp!


Eugenie George / Money Guru

Eugenie (u-jin-nay) uses her over 8+ plus years’ experience in tech, education, and finances to lead high- achieving women and women of color to understand their money habits. Eugenie uses non-traditional ways of understanding business and personal goals because no one taught anyone the true skills of money. A master at mindset, Eugenie teaches and coaches a wide range of individuals and her genius has created a new method of money through research, practice, and creativity, taking the anxiety around math and money to work for you. Eugenie is a full-time business owner, grad student, financial educator, lover of yoga and comedy. When Eugenie is not studying or working out you can catch her watching an abnormal amount of dance choreography videos.

We believe a healthy relationship to money is a vital aspect of leadership and agency and that it is never too early to begin talking about it. Eugenie will be joining The Thinkers this year to help us develop a deeper, healthier relationship with money and the potential it holds to help us unlock our creative and limitless potential.


Kavita Patel / Leadership and Mindset Facilitator

Kavita is a Physical Therapist Assistant passionately believes healing of the physical body is greatly impacted by healing of the mind and soul, therefore primarily focuses on emphasizing the effects of physical, mechanical, chemical, and mental stressors on the body when treating her patients. She holds a Bachelor's in Health Sciences from Drexel University and is currently obtaining her Master’s in Healthcare Administration, and hopes to complete her clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy within the near future. Kavita would like to continue to leverage her unique strengths and talents combined with her strong clinical background in exercise physiology to empower and guide humans heal both physically and mentally.

Kavita will be joining The Thinkers this year to lead in the ways our campers can adopt mindset shifts and leadership skills to develop agency in their lives to develop the strength and resilience they need in order to manifest their personal and professional dreams into reality.


Neha Darji / Mental Health Expert

Being a first-generation, South Asian woman of color, Neha is able to easily relate to the challenges that girls and women of minority backgrounds face. She is passionate about helping teen girls and women of color identify ways they can develop coping strategies, enact positive change, and enhance their inner strengths. Neha’s calm, professional demeanor and warm approach allow her to establish meaningful relationships and build a strong foundation of trust. She is an experienced Mental Health Clinician with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. Neha is skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Crisis Intervention, Clinical Supervision, Psychological Assessment, and Conflict Resolution. Neha holds a BA in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago and an M.S. focused in Psychology: Clinical Counseling from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. 

Neha will be joining The Thinkers this year to offer an integrative approach to therapy. Some of the techniques she will be utilizing include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.